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mortgage solutions

Mortgage Solutions
The real estate market can be a hostile environment if risks are not anticipated…and avoided. In a market like today, timing becomes everything. Within a matter of only minutes, rates and programs change without notice.

Just making a decision of “if” and “when” to buy real estate takes ample consideration. Centerpointe Capital & Centerpointe Realty can help you make those tough decisions by utilizing our industry leading appraisers and research data to ensure that there will be no doubts that you’re buying on terms favorable to you! ...

business capital

Business Capital
In the complex world of business finance, choosing the right lender truly matters, as it directly affects your bottom line. Inexperience, or even a lack of financial options can cripple small and large companies alike. Regardless if you are a new entrepreneur, or a seasoned capitalist, Centerpointe Capital has the financial resources to help your company reach its zenith.

After answering a few simple questions, our friendly and helpful Business Finance Consultants can determine what types of financial resources you may have available to you. When it comes to business finance, there is a myriad of “mission specific” loan products on the market for you to enjoy...

Mortgage Rate Averages

Unsecured Business Capital up to $50,000

Fast & Easy Payday Loans up to $1,000

Unsecured Personal Loan up to $35,000
Consolidate your debt with a personal loan through Lending Club

consumer financing

Consumer Financing
Good economy, or not, “life” has its expenses. Whether you are facing costly home improvement projects, like putting in a nice new pool, or going “green” with some solar power, or you’re simply looking for hard cash to capitalize on a great investment opportunity, Centerpointe Capital can see you to the finish line!

If you don’t own a home, or you lack accessible home equity, “Consumer” or “Signature” loans become your next best option to accessing considerable capital. Centerpointe Capital covets a robust roster of aggressively priced consumer financiers, most of which require very strong credit to qualify for rates as low at WSJ Prime + 3.5%! ...


business capital

Business Consulting
At Centerpointe Capital, our primary goal is to provide entrepreneurs with the capital necessary to sustain and grow their respective businesses. However, equal to the importance of capital itself is the looming question of; how do you intend on spending this money?

Seasoned and successful businesspeople know that in order to safeguard there company from growing stale and to keep it running at its optimum, there beloved company must periodically be subjected to criticism from an “outsiders” professional perspective. Whether you seek assistance on creating a custom business plan, or maybe a little help with your corporate identity, our management team ...



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