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Business Capital in Palm Desert

In the complex world of business finance, choosing the right lender truly matters, as it directly affects your bottom line. Inexperience, or even a lack of financial options can cripple small and large companies alike.

Regardless if you are a new entrepreneur, or a seasoned capitalist, Centerpointe Capital has the financial resources to help your company reach its zenith.

Here are just a few of the most common business loan products our brokerage provides to business owners just like you! Just tell us what your financial needs are and we’ll take it from there. To discuss your scenario with one of our experienced Business Finance Consultants, call our Sales Department at 760-568-4700.


“Stated Income” Business Lines of Credit – For most business owners, showing a healthy profit means paying more taxes. However, trying to get a business loan without proving your income can prove to be more difficult than one might expect. This little “Catch-22” has haunted business owners like you since the creation of the IRS.

Our “Stated Income” Business Lines of Credit are our most preferred product, by far. Lines of Credit $50,000 and below may qualify for “Stated Income” programs. All Lines of Credit over $50,000 require 2 year’s business and / or personal tax returns to qualify. Rates and terms of these products are incredibly appealing and cost effective.

busines capital for leasing equipment Equipment Leasing – Whether your company is in need of financing a new phone system, a medical office or a fleet of bulldozers, Centerpointe Capital provides you access to the most aggressive and diverse equipment leasing programs available on the open wholesale leasing market. You just might be pleasantly surprised at what you can finance under this broad loan umbrella. Keep your capital working for you with our 100% lease financing. Email or give us a call today to discuss how we can help you with your next big purchase.
SBA Guaranteed Loans – SBA Secured loan products such as the 7a, 504, Express and Patriot Express are designed to assist the small to mid-sized business owner when institutional financing is unattainable, and you are trying to avoid the high fees of private investors. SBA offers a rather diverse and flexible line-up of great business loan products.
U.S. Small Business Administration
Merchant cash advance Merchant Cash Advance (Cash Advance on your credit card terminal) - This product is designed for business owners who have at least 4 months of merchant service history, and batch over $5,000 per month. After averaging your batch amounts, we can normally retrieve you upwards of 130% of that amount, within 7 days! Qualifying is a snap since there is no income documentation and credit is a minimal factor with this product!

Cash Conversion of your Accounts Receivable (“Factoring”) - This resource is fantastic for business owners who need access to working capital, but find that your money is tied up in someone’s Accounts Payable department that commonly can takes over 90 days to pay you.

If you have questions about how we can convert up to 85% of your Accounts Receivables into hard cash in as little as 10 days, just call or email us today.

paid accounts receivable

Bridge Loans – This is relatively short term financing used to make immediate, time sensitive purchases, while more preferred, long term financing is being secured.



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