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Palm Desert Mortgage Lender

Homes purchased through mortgage lendersPurchasing Power
The real estate market can be a hostile environment if risks are not anticipated…and avoided. In a market like today, timing becomes everything. Within a matter of only minutes, rates and programs change without notice.

Just making a decision of “if” and “when” to buy real estate takes ample consideration. Centerpointe Capital & Centerpointe Realty can help you make those tough decisions by utilizing our industry leading appraisers and research data to ensure that there will be no doubts that you’re buying on terms favorable to you!

Your Financial “Match Maker”
Centerpointe Capital protects an investor roster more diverse than any other. With each and every client, we intelligently prescreen your entire borrower profile as well as your financial wants and needs. Then, we scrub it against our myriad of institutional and private investors and loan programs. This process translates into our clients being rewarded with the most aggressive rates and loan programs available on the open wholesale market! Bring us your very best “Good Faith Estimate” and watch how much money we can save you!

Still Renting, or Renting Again?
Most of our first time homebuyers were shocked to find out that they actually qualified for a home loan because of what they hear and see in the media. StopHowever, many of our homebuyers have qualified for “NO DOWN PAYMENT” programs. Even if you have tried to qualify for a home loan in the past, today’s record low home values and interest rates means that you are more likely to qualify NOW than ever before! Just think of investment potential in buying a home at today’s record low values! Enjoy breathtaking home value, interest rates and loan programs! Click here for a free home purchase pre-qualification.

Loan Programs:

  • FHA
  • USDA
  • FNMA
  • VA / Cal-Vet
  • Cal-Pers
  • Private Funding


Mortgage ratio iconUse the equity in your home to get cash for any reason, convert that adjustable rate mortgage into a safe fixed rate or simply lock in a lower interest rate and payment.

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